Will local targeting benefit your advertisements?

Since the inception of digital in India, it’s been evolving y-o-y and today is the era where many advertisers have understood the worth of going local. Getting local help advertisers to not only target the area of operation rather when they communicate with their end user in their language help to create brand equity and sympathy.

In current scenario advertisement is not only about selling the product or service, it’s about connecting with the emotions of their viewers. It’s very important to create the personalized bond between the advertisement and the user and to do it efficiently one needs to target the right audience who will feel connected and what other then location targeting will help you.

Location targeting hit the mainstream advertising business, a few years ago and has since become a vital factor in a brand’s marketing strategy. Majorly it has been influenced by the immediacy factors as we know consumers now rely on their mobile devices for practically everything and can find what they want at the click of a button.

As per the predictions of the Global leader in IT and networking, Cisco by 2020, there will be 5.5 billion mobile users, representing 70 percent of the global population. This supply an enormous opening for product and advertisers to target customers based on their location data derived directly from their mobile.

What comes with localizing is:

  • Customer deep targeting: When one uses the Location-based targeting, it enables you to reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place or, you can reach people at a time when they will be most receptive to other offers of your business and become a leader.
  • Personalized association With Your Viewers: When advertiser target individual in a specific location with the specific language, they need to cater the content as per the characteristics people to create a bond share in that area. The advertisement which connects with the people and helps them to feel more connected to your business. In addition, content that is particular to their situation will show that you are informed of the people and their neighborhood, which can foster belief.
  • Better Return on Investment: Sometimes, it’s not about doing more of a picky advertising action; it’s about doing the same amount of that marketing activity but getting more out of it. Whether it’s about additional leads, engagement, consumers, etc, the location-based marketing can make the best use of your marketing activities, yielding an enhanced return on the investment of your time, effort, money, or other resources.

Hopefully, this article will open new gates of advertising through location and attract the local audience to the journey of your advertisement.